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June 14th and 15th 7PM

Forest Grove High School Auditorium

Mexico En La Piel Academia
Presented by Lo Nuestro Folklore

As one of the longest-standing Mexican Folklorico Dance organizations in the Pacific Northwest, since 1998 we have dedicated ourselves  to preserving and offering a pathway for the younger Latinx generation to learn about and appreciate our rich culture and heritage. We have introduced folklorico dance arts to generations of students, many of whom are part of Title I schools in our communities, and who have flourished in the program and have returned to their community as leaders and educators, inspiring younger students who seem themselves reflected in them. With ongoing support from our students and communities, and as we embark on a new chapter as a non-profit organization, we wish to convey our profound gratitude and extend an invitation to join us in celebrating our upcoming milestones and successes!

Como una de las organizaciones de danza folclórica mexicana más antiguas en el noroeste del Pacífico, desde 1998 nos hemos dedicado a preservar y ofrecer un camino para que la generación latina más joven aprenda y aprecie nuestra rica cultura y herencia. Hemos introducido las artes de la danza folclórica a generaciones de estudiantes, muchos de los cuales forman parte de escuelas de Título I en nuestras comunidades, y que han prosperado en el programa y han regresado a su comunidad como líderes y educadores, inspirando a estudiantes más jóvenes que parecen reflejarse en a ellos. Con el apoyo continuo de nuestros estudiantes y comunidades, y mientras nos embarcamos en un nuevo capítulo como organización sin fines de lucro, deseamos transmitir nuestra profunda gratitud y extender una invitación a unirse a nosotros para celebrar nuestros próximos hitos y éxitos.

Our Classes

Level 1

This level focuses on developing rhythm, coordation of the body and basic footworks

Level 2

This level further the learning of different regions, introducing the faldeo and more complicated footworks

Level 3

This level futhers the learning of different styles and techniques from various regions and incorporates showmanship into complicated choreographies


This selected group consists of experienced performers and are expected to learn new dances and choreographies in short period of times for presentation needs